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How many times have you gone to a travel agent only to find they have not been to any of the places you wish to visit, so how do they know where to go etc. We have travelled extensively in these countries, from villages to cities.

We have been to Paris and, all over France , Switzerland all over , Austria all over .Italy all over .

Germany all over Slovakia all over Hungary all over Czech Rep all over 

Croatia all over Slovenia all over

Belgium, Brugge  Luxembourg Poland all over

This gives us more experience knowing the country and people from first hand experience.

We can show you where to go to get the best from your travells. Feel safe in the knowledge everything is done for you.

Relax and enjoy your trip

Besides this we have visited East and West coast of America, Singapore, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand Australia.

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Have you been to Timbuckto?  I think we have, or we will if you want to.

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